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Deligo Express Delivery Service

Deligo Express Delivery Service Cargo and Freight Company Address: Davao City 8000 Philippines Mobile contact phone number: 0951 821 5794 Facebook page: Deligo Express Delivery Service Rate starts at P65. Pickup and deliveries for online sellers.

Luna Move Delivery

Luna Move Delivery Address: Ecoland, Davao City 8000 Philippines Mobile contact phone number: 0951-486-0506 [SMART] 0916-192-9503 [GLOBE] Facebook: @LunaMoveDelivery Send Message or PM Orders at: Rate starts at P79 from downtonw. Rates may vary. Services – Food Delivery – Buy Medicines – Pickup Documents – Bills Payment – Pet Needs …and many more


MoveMoto Davao Address” Davao City 8000 Telephone Number: (082) 238-6154 Mobile Number: 0926-657-5892 [GLOBE] 0906-568-5141 [GLOBE] 0929-891-6396 [SMART] Facebook Page: @MoveMoto-Davao Email address: Services offered: Buy and Deliver Food Buy Medicines Bill Payment Groceries Any Errands

Rapid Rider Delivery

Rapid Rider Delivery Address: Davao City 8000 Mobile Contact Number: 0917-954-2682 [GLOBE] 0943-404-5107 [SMART] Facebook Page: @rapidriderdelivery Send Message or PM Orders at: Email: Services Offered: · Food Pick-up · Delivery Service · Errand Running Service (Online Shop Deliveries and Bills Payment) · 4 Wheel Hauling Delivery Service · Multi-Point Delivery in one […]

BBZ Courier

BBZ Courier Services Address: Davao City Mobile contact number: 0907-120-7441 [SMART] 0909-099-7474 [SMART] Send Message or PM for Booking Orders at: Facebook Page: @bbzcourier

Rider Express Delivery

Rider Express Delivery Address: Bankerohan Davao City 8000 For booking and Inquires: Mobile contact numbers: 0906-805-3022 [GLOBE] 0951-164-6718 [SMART] Send or PM Orders at: Facebook Page: @reddavao8 We Deliver We Pick up We Grocery We Palengke We COD We Carry Bulky Items (4 wheels)

Fetch Delivery Service

Fetch Delivery Service Mobile number: 0977-605-1733 [GLOBE] 0998-209-5120 [SMART] 0910-481-9191 [SMART] 0945-659-4133 [GLOBE] Facebook Page: @FetchDeliveryService Service offered: Groceries Food take-outs/ Food deliveries Purchase medicine Pick up/drop merchandise/items Pick up your shipping box/items (Ex. AP CARGO) Pick up/drop laundry

Rider Dash Delivery

Rider Dash Delivery Rider Dash Palengke Telephone number: (082) 228-4308 Mobile Contact numbers: 0956-692-0286 [GLOBE] 0905-557-6621 [GLOBE] 0926-684-6005 [GLOBE] 0910-181-6058 [SMART] 0947-591-3373 [SMART] Website: Facebook Page: Send Message at Email Address: Davao Free Delivery by Rider Dash Shop Website: Mobile Numbers: 0998-488-2946 0951-486-0506 [S&R Davao Pizza Delivery] Merchants catered: S&R […]


Byaheroes Delivery Service Mobiles contact Numbers: 0956-816-7400 [GLOBE] 0998-224-9997 [SMART] Services offered: Food Delivery Pick-Up Errands Grocery Medicine Etc Email Address: Facebook Page: Message them at

Kuya Juan Delivery

Kuya Juan Delivery Address: Unit 3-B, #48 GIMs Building Davao City 8000 For pickup/delivery Telephone Number: (082) 324-8181 (082) 333-6452 Mobile Contact Numbers: 0927-558-3583 [GLOBE] 0921-370-6111 [SMART] Office hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00AM – 8:00PM Services offered: Order & deliver food Pickup & deliver small items (i.e. docs, parcels) Buy & deliver gifts, flowers Bills Payment (Electric, […]