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German Deli

German Deli Address: 4 San Juan Street Skyline Village Catalunan Grande Talomo District Davao City 8000 Mobile Number: 0915-069-3211 [GLOBE] Order online 24/7 at Website: Facebook Page: @germandelidavao Send Message at: Email:

LAVCO Meatshop

LAVCO Meatshop Send Message or PM Orders at: Facebook Page: @LAVCO-Meatshop

Anna-Lou’s Meat Shop and Farm Products

Anna-Lou’s Meat Shop and Farm Products Address: Block 24 Lot 23 Deca Homes Indangan Highway Barangay Indangan Davao City 8000 Mobile contact number: 0945-658-8688 [GLOBE] 0920-689-3015 [SMART] Telephone number: (082) 238-6346 Facebook Page: @annaloumeatshop Email address: Fresh and Healthy Meats. We deliver. Just let us know what you need and we will deliver it […]

ADI’s Meat Products

ADI’s Meat Products Dealer of Fresh and Frozen Pork, Beef and Chicken Main Branch: Pardo de Tavera Street Davao City 8000 Telephone number: (082) 227-6573 For delivery, order through FaceBook page or call any delivery service provider. Facebook Page: @Adismeatproducts/ Message them at: Email address: Adi’s Meat Products Price List CLICK IMAGE TO […]


MEAT DA BEST Meat Shop Address: Sobrecarey Street Corner Vinzon Street Barrio Obrero Davao City 8000 Philippines Telephone number: (082) 221-9168 (082) 286-6328

Mindanao Butchers & Company, Inc.

Mindanao Butchers & Company, Inc. Premium Meat Purveyor | Charcuterie | Grocer | Specialty Food | Catering Address: K7 Strip J.P. Laurel Avenue Lanang (Across Caltex / Azuela Cove) Davao City 8000 Philippines Telephone contact number: (082) 237 4797 Mobile contact number: 0928 505 3605 Open 11AM-6PM Mondays to Saturday Instagram: @MindanaoButchers Facebook Page: […]