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Emborg Full Cream Milk Reseller Supplier

Emborg Full Cream Milk Davao City Reseller | Supplier | Pabili | Pasabuy Address: Bajada J.P. Laurel Avenue Davao City 8000 Philippines Mobile contact phone number: 0916 456 4747 (Pick-up ONLY now) Text Complete Name: Mobile Contact Number: Complete Address: Landmarks: Product Order Details: Emborg Full Cream Milk Specific Quantity: (e.g. 6pcs. 1L) or (2 […]

Davao Seafood and Meat Supplier

Davao Seafood and Meat Supplier Address: Davao City 8000′ Philippines Facebook Page: Davao Seafood and Meat Supplier Mobile contact phone number: 0995 743 0294 Viber: 0998 791 7842 Landline telephone contact number: (082) 295 0764 Supply of Locon / Prawns Shrimps Crabs / King Crabs Livestock Products: beef, ox tail, ox tripe, beef tadyang / […]