Green Bounty Agri Produce



Green Bounty Agri Produce

19 Diamond Street
Ecoland Phase 4
Matina, Davao City 8000

Telephone Numbers:
(082) 296-0597
(082) 284-0415
(082) 286-4629

Mobile Numbers:
0923-594-8140 [SUN / SMART]
0932-315-3572 [SUN / SMART]

Facebook Page:

Green Bounty, a marketing arm of the Gonzalez Nature Farm, sells only quality fresh garden salads, like romaine, green and purple leafy lettuces, salad tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, arugula, cucumber, and native pechay. It also sells herbs of different kinds like arugula, sweet basil, Thai basil, oregano, tarragon, rosemary, dill, silantro, peppermint, and stevia.

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