Grand Regal Hotel

Grand Regal Hotel Davao

Grand Regal Hotel Davao

KM. 7, J.P. Laurel Avenue
Lanang, Davao City 8000
P.O. Box 80838
Davao Central Post Office

Telephone Numbers:
(+63-82) 235-0888
(+63-82) 300-8888
(+63-82) 235-3400
(+63-82) 235-3401
(+63-82) 235-3402
(+63-82) 235-3408
(+63-82) 235-2858
(+63-82) 234-3910

Mobile Number: (+63) 922-883-8809

Fax Numbers:
(+63-82) 235-2335
(+63-82) 234-3688 (Sales Office)
(+63-82) 234-3858

Email Address: or


Facebook Page:

Manila Sales Office
2/F Gaisano Towers, 238 Carlos Palanca St.,
Quiapo, Metro Manila
Telephone Number: Direct Line (+63-2) 734-9092 (telefax)
Fax Number: (+63-2) 734-9034 / 735-2888

Grand Regal Hotel Bacolod
Araneta St., Singcang, Bacolod City
Telephone Number:(+63-34) 708-5888 / 432-0888
Fax Number: (+63-34) 434-8694 / 708-5588
Mobile Number: (+63) (922) 227-2818

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  1. anne ong Says:

    my first night (07-27-11) stay in your hotel is very traumatic. Me and my guest arrived around 3pm today. We were booked by Dr. Roberto Palec which happens to be my business partner here in Davao, he personally recommend this hotel. First off, he booked us in a room with a king size bed & he told me that it was confirmed. When we arrive they told us that they dont have any king size bed available and that we were moved to a room with twin beds. not familiar with the place so we decided to stay. They asked us how am I going to settle the charges and I told them that upon check out and they told me that they dont do that and that I have to pay the full amount upon check in, to avoid misunderstandings I paid in dollars amounting $148.00 for 2 night stay because my pesos cant compensate the whole amount. I asked them if the room has a fridge and they told me that i have to pay php1000 for deposit. Realizing that I dont need anything from the fridge so I was like its fine to leave it locked. When we arrived in the room we decided to order from the hotel resto, when the food arrived I was handed the check for the foods I asked politely if I could pay tomorrow or they could charge it in my room. The room service man told me that its cash to cash basis and that I need to call the front desk for that.I called the front desk and the girl told me that its fine to charge it in my room so I just signed the receipt for the charge. not even a minute as I was about to put my food in my mouth the phone rang and we were told that its impossible to charge it in the room and that we have to pay it right away because we didn’t put php1000 d/p for room charges, and I told them if they could wait tomorrow because its already late and I dont have pesos with me or if they could just take it from my payment for the 2nd night and I was told that she’s going to ask the manager and after 2 mins. another call from front desk saying that it cant be possible and that I need to pay per manager and another minute the room service called that they were told that i need to pay and another minute again another call from the front desk that I really have to settle my php810.00 for the food. I was like wow! are they serious? i just lost my appetite. They dont have any considerations? is that a hotel policy harassing people over php810.00? very disappointing. I went downstairs took my 2nd night payment and paid my food. I am not going to stay another night in this hotel. Do I have a record here that Im not making any payments for them to treat me like that? infact this is my first stay in davao and I was very disappointed my business partner was disappointed as well for he recommend this hotel. I dont think this is the right way to treat your guests. very poor service. I would not recommend this hotel and I’ll make sure this hotel gets poor rate from the hotel critiques. I am really mad and I paid for my cold food that I didnt eat for attending all the harass calls from front desks and room service.

  2. Princess Fabrienne B. Tonzo Says:

    We would like to inquire for your function room rates good for 200 participants this December for our Christmas party, we would also like to know your available dates during that month. If you may, kindly email us your quotation. Thank you and God bless.

  3. jovy Says:




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