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Nissan Rent-A-Car

Nissan Rent-A-Car

J.P. Laurel Avenue
Bajada, Davao City 8000

Telephone Number:
(082) 221-8604
(082) 221-8605

Marconi Rent-A-Car

Marconi Rent-A-Car
Transport Services

Avenida Santos Avenue
Nova Tierra Village
Lanang, Davao City 8000

Telephone Number:
(082) 234-0736
(082) 233-1941

Mobile Number:
0932-141-0837 [SUN]

Facebook Page:


Marconi Rent A Car is the biggest first class car rental agency in Davao City. We offer business and personal rentals from our Toyota 4 door economy sedans to our chauffeur driven Toyota mini vans for groups and outings. At Marconi we use professional drivers, up to date equipment and meticulously maintained fleet. Our vehicles are fully insured and backed with professional help for those mishaps or breakdowns. From Davao City to any point in Mindanao we’ll get you there with friendly service and a reasonable price.

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Far East Rent A Car


Far East Rent A Car

Phase 4, Block 1 Lot 5
#2 Spring Street
Hillside Subdivision
J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada
Davao City 8000

Telephone/Fax Number:
(082) 234-9200
(082) 286-8802
(082) 286-0036
(082) 305-5071

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Toyco Rent-A-Car


Toyco Rent-A-Car

49 Mabini Street
Sto. Domingo Subdivision
Barrio Pampanga, Lanang
Davao City 8000

Telephone Numbers:
(082) 235-8375
(082) 284-2875

Mobile Numbers:
0906-277-9548 [GLOBE]
0998-766-1589 [SMART]
0923-881-1297 [SUN]

Self-driven or with driver
Accepts Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rental and
Drop off to any point of the Philippines by Land.

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