Naty’s Lechon House


Naty’s Lechon House

House 1, 836 Chavez Street
Davao City 8000

Telephone /Contact Numbers:
(082) 221-8570
(082) 227-7645

Tele / Fax Number:
(082) 300-5189

Cellphone / Mobile Numbers:
0927-2140683 [GLOBE]
0932-8692892 [SUN]
0998-5573360 [SMART]
0908-5142514 [SMART]

Contact Persons:
Linda, Charlotte, RJ, Mimi, or Junix

Email Address:

Accept Orders, Labor and Catering of Lechon Baboy, Baka, Manok, Pabo, Kambing, Karnero and Roll

Facebook Page:
Naty’s Lechon House

Naty’s Lechon House Davao


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  1. manilyn Says:

    how much is the cost of 20 kilo of lechon baboy?

  2. dabawenya Says:


    You may call the phone numbers given. Thank you! 🙂

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