Mabuhay – Blue – Black Taxi Davao

Mabuhay Taxi / Blue Taxi / Black Taxi Davao

Guadalupe Village, KM 7, Lanang
Davao City 8000

Telephone Numbers: (082) 234-1360 / 235-1784
TeleFax Number: (082) 233-0445

Facebook Page: Mabuhay Group

Mabuhay Taxi Blue Black Taxi Davao

24 Hours Taxi service in Davao City

First and only cab company in the Philippines using LED taxi toplights.

Mabuhay Car Rentals

8 Responses

  1. Roldan Rivero Says:

    i was so disappointed with service of Blue Taxi. Last Saturday evening, January 8, 2011, my cellphone was suddenly fell inside the taxi. then, we miscalled it many times in order to ask the driver to return it back to us. unfortunately, he didn’t answer our call.

    i hope the company will do actions about this. i don’t know the plate number but i do remember the name of the driver, his name is Mr. Carlo (or Carlos?) Reycaforte.

  2. dabawenya Says:

    Mr. Rivero,

    You can call them now at the telephone numbers given above. Hope you will still be able to get back your mobile phone.

  3. Mark Says:

    Hello, I got this news. I don’t know if its true or not, just a precautions.

    “Guys, if you are in davao city and comuting everyday, beware kayo sa blue taxi number 04 kc bago lang naghatid ng meningococcemia patient sa SPMC (formerly DMC) who died this evening. pls spread to everybody you know in davao. -from SPMC DOCTORS”

    Please call the blue taxi hotline asap and ask if the driver was accompanied a passenger going to the the stated hospital. I don’t have a land-line so please confirm this message for the good of Dabawenyos.

  4. Mark Says:

    Meningococcemia is an acute and potentially life-threatening infection of the bloodstream.

  5. king of new arrival band Says:

    gud am po.. i left my beatbox at the compartment of a blue taxi @ 2am this morning.. i hope you can send me further info about where it is and ask for the drivers of your company.. i badly needed it..

  6. king of new arrival band Says:

    send me your reply at my facebook account thank you..

  7. dabawenya Says:

    @king of new arrival band, sir we suggest it would be better if you contact Mabuhay directly asap by calling their phone number listed. hope you find your beatbox back.

    This directory is not connected to Mabuhay or any company listed in here.

  8. explorer Says:

    wow.. very informative site. nakakatulong sa akin ngayon pag hanap ko ng taxi.. salamat