New City Commercial Corporation (NCCC) Branches

New City Commercial Corporation (NCCC) Branches

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NCCC Mall Davao

NCCC Main Davao (Uyanguren)
Ramon Magsaysay Avenue, Davao City
Tel. No. (63-82) 224-0186
(63-82) 224-6970
(63-82) 225-5297
Fax. No. (63-82) 227-1083

NCCC Mall Davao Matina
MacArthur Highway corner Maa Road
Matina District, Davao City 8000
Telephone Number: (63-82) 298-0888
NCCC Department Store
Owned by LTS Department Stores Inc.

NCCC Centerpoint Matina
Crossing Matina, Davao City 8000 Philippines
Telephone Number: (63-82) 297-5155

NCCC Panacan
Km. 13, Panacan, Davao City 8000 Philippines
Telephone Number: (63-82) 233-1446, 233-2251

NCCC Mall Tagum
Km. 55 National Highway
Tagum City

NCCC Mall Palawan
89 Lacao Street, Puerto Princesa City
Tel. No. (63-48) 433-2620, 433-2630
Fax. No. (62-48) 433-5140

NCCC Headquarters (NHQ)
Gempesaw St., Davao City 8000 Philippines
Tel. No. (63-82) 224-0186
(63-82) 224-6970
(63-82) 225-5297
Fax. No. (63-82) 226-3858

NCCC Express (NCX) Bolton
Bolton St., Davao City, 8000 Philippines
Tel. No. (63-82) 227-9280

(Manila Purchasing Office)
R. Fernandez St., Honorio Lopez Blvd., Tondo, Manila 1013 Philippines
Tel. # : (63-2) 255-1141 to 51
Fax. # : (63-2) 253-1301, 253-0480

5 Responses

  1. internet mall Says:

    thanks for sharing those address!

  2. Ronald Says:


    September 3, 2010

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Actually it’s not my first time to encounter this lady security guard, I so very disappointed that it’s happened again. She can’t allow me entering to your business because of my bag. She’s say that my bag has no valuable things, but inside of my bag their have my mobile phone, coins purse, and wallet (Company ID, PhilHealt ID, ATM card etc.) I try to convince her but I failed.

    Why can’t enter?

    She’s advice me to left my things in baggage counter, but my pants have no pocket in that time, So I decided go to your main entrance to try if the others guard not allowed me to enter in your business but it’s opposite to happened, the security guard in your main entrance allowed me to enter with out any conversation.

    Why I can enter?

    Security Guard Name : LG Altamera
    Time : 06:04pm based to my receipt
    Date : September 3, 2010
    Official Receipt Number : 02209724
    Location : NCCC mall Palawan (Health and Beauty in 1)
    Address : Lacao St. Puerto Princesa City

    I’m so very disappointed in this time so I wrote this letter, I wish you have legal action to do and wishing its not happened anymore, between I and your company.

    Thank you and I wish for your immediate response,



  3. Engelbert Bañas Says:

    Good day!! May i have the email address of NCCC- Davao where I could send my resume? I’m looking for a job right now. I’m a graduate of a behavioral science course and already passed the board exam. Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you!

  4. Lydia Wenceslao Says:

    I need to kno if NCCC Tgaum City is no accepting ATM Card for our payment? like here in Abroad we don’t use Credit card but we are using ATM Card whenever we pay something. this is for our safety and convenience bringing cash money to be away from snatchers and thieves.

  5. Theodore Says:

    i will like to request for the nccc purchasing office’s contact number and if possible who is the purchaser/buyer/merchandising officer to nccc,we kelex sports corp do have new items at affordable prices to match all department stores needs and requirement including other related sports stores nationwide and worldwide.we dont compromise quality,high quality yet low price !
    kindly contact me in my phone,+63-0921-4400829 or +63-02-3599977 or
    Best regards to all concern citizen of the world; Mabuhay and God speed u up.