Gaisano Mall of Davao

Gaisano Mall of Davao
DSG Sons Group, Inc.

Gaisano Mall of Davao

J.P. Laurel Avenue
Bajada, Davao City 8000

Telephone Numbers:
(+63-82) 221-6168
(+63-82) 226-2880
(+63-82) 227-9876
(+63-82) 227-8855
(+63-82) 226-2259
(+63-82) 227-9019
(+63-82) 226-2242
(+63-82) 226-2244
(+63-82) 226-2271
(+63-82) 227-8333
(+63-82) 227-8555
(+63-82) 226-2233

Information – (+63-82) 222 1411
Information (Grocery Section) – (+63-82) 226-2883
Information (Atrium Section) – (+63-82) 226-2254

Facebook Page: Gaisano.Mall.Davao

3 Responses

  1. Helen Says:

    You are probably the most unwelcoming mall I have ever been to. Unbelievable! Once, may dala akong shopping bags from Robinson’s and from SM and your guards had to ask if I had receipts for those items and even asked me to get a pass slip if I were to enter your dirty mall with my purchases. Bakit? You think anyone coming into your mall to shop carrying shopping bags from other malls are out to steal from you? Ang laking insulto sa inteligence ng shoppers niyo! Other malls don’t even do this. Kayo lang ang gumagawa ng ganito. It seems you do not want shoppers coming from other malls into your mall. Customers like me will look for other places to shop. Hindi dahil hindi ako magarang manamit ay wala na akong pinag-aralan para tratuhin niyo ng ganito. Hindi dahil simple lang ako manamit ay wala na akong pera to spend in your mall. Your should learn to respect your customers!

  2. Elda Says:

    In response to the above comment, in my opinion natural lang naman yata sa kahit saang mall sa Pinas ang ini inpeksiyon ang mga bags na dala dala ng mga customers especially sa Davao City. Para sa akin it is for security. I think di naman maganda kung bibigyan natin ito ng maling kahulugan. They are probably thinking of the safety of anybody in the mall. Alam natin na maraming nangyayari di maganda sa loob ng mall anywhere in the world so at least they are having precautions.

    As for you Helen, huwag ka ng magalit. Maybe during those time you feel like pinagdududahan kang magnanakaw because of your outside appearance but those are just feelings. Maaring nuong ginagawa ng guard ang inspection your attention goes into your appearance or education and it makes you down. Dont allow those feelings to put you down because no one can you put down without your consent.

  3. Anna Says:

    I agree that this SOP is done for security. Pero ang ayaw ko dun is how they do it. Useless ang dating din po kasi daldal ng daldal minsan ang mga guards minsan chismis na ata while doing the inspection. Maraming beses ko na naobserve na they hardly look at what is in the bag as long as they could just put the stick their holding inside the bag. Very lax at most times.

    Regarding dun sa shopping bags from other stores or malls outside GMall, napansin namin lately di na nila sinisita or hingan ng gate pass on our experience. Pero dati they do that talaga especially dun sa entrance sa baba sa may grocery area.Iba nga ang dating in a sense na haharangin ka nila and people behind will have to wait some times. Why not ask the customers to leave at the baggage counters what they brought from other malls. SM does not do this upon entering the mall premises. Sa GMall ko lang din ito napansin though lately wala na.